On your wedding day, you can expect professionalism. Our shooting style is discrete; we do not direct events, rather we …

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Wedding Shoot

The value of wedding videography

There is simply no substitute for wedding videography. No other medium can capture the day in such depth, and hold …

Not just videography but cinematography

We are an experienced team of cinematographers who have developed amazing synergy over the past several years shooting weddings in …

Wedding Shoot

When we first became involved in wedding videography, we wanted to get away from the preconception associated with wedding videos …

  • Andrew & Lise

    Andrew & Lise

    Even something as small as a bee can change the course of history. Andrew is a doctor, and was in …

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  • Alex & Jenny

    Alex & Jenny

    Alex and Jenny are both such easygoing people. Everyone at the wedding was so full of character and it really …

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  • Jeffrey & Kathy

    Jeffrey & Kathy

    There’s a certain charm about wedding traditions.  Filming the wedding of Jeffrey and Kathy started out with the boys getting …

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  • Hilary & Jasen

    Hilary & Jasen

    Shannon falls is beautiful.  Having only previously stopped for 20 minutes on our way to Whistler, it was a pleasure …

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Fotis & Marissa

The Greek Orthodox wedding is an enchanting experience for a newcomer such as myself. The ceremony envoked all the senses, from the grandeur and beauty of the church with it’s hand painted ceilings and murals, to the smell of insense, to the sounds of the ringing bells and chanting. Every stage of the ceremony was meaningful, and articulated the beauty and purpose of Fotis and Marissa’s commitment to one another.