Wedding Video Blog

Jasmine & Craig

September 8, 2012

I think people’s tastes vary hugely when it comes to videography.  As an art form I suppose that’s natural.  I wasn’t fully conscious of this fact when I started out in this business, and I certainly wasn’t aware of my own preferences and style of shooting and editing.  Over the years those preferences became clearer to me, and I also found that it took a certain type of couple for me to create what I consider to be the perfect video.  For me, it’s not about the venue, or the dress, or the decorations.  What makes a video magical for me is the interaction between the couple, and the ability for me to tell the story of their love.

When a couple contacts me after seeing our work, I know that they are looking for our certain style of videography, but when meeting a couple through a referral, I don’t know until we meet whether we will hit it off or not.  I met Jasmine and Craig through Alice from Events to the Nines wedding planning.  Alice is fantastic to work with – she’s hard working, genuine, friendly, and extremely organized.  But I didn’t know a thing about Jasmine and Craig, until we met.  I knew almost right away that I wanted to shoot this wedding, and my instincts were right.  This wedding had it all – comedy, romance, Gangnam Style, cute kids, and most of all it had a beautiful story just begging to be told.  From the interviews, to dancing, to speeches, everyone involved with their wedding just expressed themselves with such care and candor.

Jasmine and Craig exuded joy and happiness the entire day, and it was an absolute pleasure to create this video.



Tatiana & Troy

August 17, 2012

We made our way out to Langley on what felt like one of the hottest days of the year. I arrived at Troy’s place to find it full of his friends and groomsmen who had got an early start with a few shots of vodka. Troy was the life and soul of the party with his infectious laugh and clowning around. We hopped into a limo which offered a welcome respite from the scorching heat as we made our way to Newlands Golf and Country Club.

It was a Russian Orthodox wedding ceremony, which was performed beautifully – I found to be very significant and meaningful. When Tatiana came around the corner and Troy caught his first glimpse of her that day, I saw a completely different Troy from the comedian that I had been with for most of the morning and early afternoon. He was so moved by the sight of his beautiful bride and his expressions when he greeted her and her parents were my favourite shots.

To any fellow techies out there, one thing I learned about the Canon 7D, is that it doesn’t do well in the heat. Both of our 7D’s overheated during the ceremony and had to be switched off, thankfully the 5D’s saved us but switching lenses/cameras mid ceremony were tense moments.

The reception was in the conservatory ballroom. The late sunset made for amazing ambient light throughout the speeches. My favourite part of the day was Tatiana’s dance with her father; so well-choreographed and a lot of fun. You guys put on a great show!



Paolo & Jacqueline

August 11, 2012

Paolo and Jacqueline have become great friends of mine over the past year. Before I even had a chance to meet them in person, Paolo and I had already amassed about 20 full page emails between the two of us. At that point, I was sure of three things: this couple really researched their videography options, they’ve really thought out what they’d like in their wedding video, and they are truly sentimental and romantic. This aside, they are also both detail orientated, and so it came as no surprise to learn they’re both teachers!

Paolo’s proposal to Jacqueline was an epic endeavour which he documented on video, so it was immediately apparent how important video was to them. The journey of how they met and fell in love was full of comedy and humour, so the plan was to put together a video to play at the reception for their guests. After many hours of planning, armed with some cameras and wardrobe changes, and with the help of our creative director Paolo, this is what we came up with. :)

Needless to say, there was a lot of anticipation in the lead-up to the big day. We got off to an early start for what was to be an action-packed day, and our team was pumped and ready to go. Our plans took a slight turn when we realized that due to a marathon, the Lions Gate Bridge would be closed for part of the morning. Paolo and his best man, Paulo, hopped into a taxi instead of the limo for the ride to the church. Once there, everything was smooth sailing. The wedding ceremony was beautiful, and I really wanted it to be the storytelling centerpiece of this video. God is an important part of Paolo and Jacqueline’s lives, naturally also playing an integral role in their creation of a new family, and the Filipino wedding traditions symbolize this beautifully.

As a film maker, creating this video has meant a great deal to me, knowing how much it means to them. I’m so happy for them and look forward to the next chapter in their story.



Grant & Adrienne

July 28, 2012

It’s a great compliment when couples refer us to friends and family. We filmed the wedding of Adrienne’s cousin, Fotis, back in 2011, and were welcomed and made to feel part of the big Greek family. Adrienne’s father and Fotis’ father are twins, and I remember chatting with them both on Fotis and Marissa’s big day. I remember how entertaining they were, and how proud they were of their family. It was a pleasure to be a part of that and I was truly delighted when Adrienne and Grant got in touch with me to tell me about their big day.

I do love Greek weddings. I love the Orthodox wedding ceremony customs and what they symbolize, as I mentioned already I love the feeling of such close knit family coming together to party, and finally Greek dancing is so much fun. I appreciate that it involves everyone from children to grandparents, and gives people with two left feet (like me) a purpose on the dance floor (although I have to say it does take a little practice).

When editing this video, I really tried to capture the serenity that Adrienne emanates; it was something wonderful to see in a bride on her wedding day. Grant is a thoroughly pleasant guy to chat to, and it was a pleasure to watch two such compassionate and amiable people together. I wish you both every happiness and success in life :)



Eric & Amanda

July 22, 2012

It’s no secret that Hart House is one of my favourite wedding venues in town – great views, awesome marquee, fantastic food; perfect summertime venue. So when Jermaine from Diva Wedding Design contacted me about Eric and Amanda’s wedding, I jumped to it. It didn’t seem to matter where we pointed our cameras, with the Hart House backdrop and the beautiful Amanda in the foreground, it was easy to get great footage.

I later found out that Jermaine also made the cupcakes, which looked really good if I might add. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try one – I thought about it, but I figured someone might notice something amiss with the perfectly aligned rows.

For me, the highlight was the first dance to one of my favourite Adele songs. I could have made an entire highlight reel out of it, they really looked amazing up there. And of course it’s always fun to rock the Steadicam for something like that.



Kienan & Cailin

July 14, 2012

Minoru Park is a lovely little spot in Richmond for a peaceful walk and brush with nature.  The Chapel sits at the edge of the park, but it’s not often that one gets to step inside.  It holds a special place in my heart as it’s where my wife and I also tied the knot.  The memories came flooding back as I watched Kienan hold the hands of his beautiful and nervous bride.  But as they kissed for the first time as husband and wife, the tension evaporated and it was wonderful to watch the joyful newlyweds.

What made this one of my favourite weddings of the year was the emcee.  It’s not easy to entertain guests whilst announcing safety procedures and keeping the reception to schedule.  But when you have someone up there with such charisma, it really makes for an enjoyable evening.



Peter & Leora

July 7, 2012

There’s no denying that filming a wedding is hectic, and on the big day it’s difficult as a videographer to take it all in.  After capturing a beautiful moment on camera, shooters are onto the next shot almost immediately and rarely get to review any of the footage on the day.  It isn’t until I sit down to start editing and I work through the many hours of footage that I start to discover the little things that make a couple unique.  Peter and Leora’s wedding was full of touching moments, small things like the way they looked at each other, and the way Leora rubbed Peter’s thumb as they held hands.

Shooting weddings in and around Vancouver, naturally I come across many Cantonese and Mandarin speaking people.  It’s a blessing that I work with and am married to Chinese people who can translate for me.  Without that, I would be lost in the editing room.  On the big day, when I asked Peter’s mom to say a few words to the camera, the magic was once again missed, this time due to a language barrier, but her voice and her eyes spoke volumes.  So much so that although many viewers will not understand Cantonese, the emotion and love she has for her son and daughter-in-law is palpable.



Naz & Alex

June 10, 2012

Naz and Alex are one of the warmest couples I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Needless to say creating their wedding video has been a delight, and the shots we took down on the beach at Brock House are some of my favourite of the year.

It was my second of three Persian weddings that we shot in 2012.  Maybe it’s the fact that we share many cultural links, but I always enjoy them immensely.  From the beauty and tradition of the wedding ceremony, to the lively party atmosphere as soon as the Persian music begins.  The speeches lasted a total of maybe 2 minutes, but I truly felt the power of words when Alex’s dad spoke from the heart of his son and his new daughter in law.  It was lovely to see French-Canadian and Persian cultures combine to create a wonderful party.

I wish you guys every happiness and really hope we get to visit you in Montreal :)



Kim & Tyler

June 9, 2012

After meeting and filming Kim and Tyler’s wedding day, I can’t help but feel that they have a very sweet, old-fashioned, timeless romance between the two of them.  I decided to put a little vintage feel to the film in its colouring and editing.  My wife, Josephine, was also hired to play the harp for their wedding, and listening to their choices of songs spoke a lot of their humour and character.  Kim and Tyler Rick-Rolled their guests with some Rick Astley during the signing – awesome!  To my surprise, their recessional music included the theme song to one of my favourite computer games to boot!  Thanks for having us be a part of your wonderful day.



Hedieh & Siniša

May 19, 2012

As the charismatic wedding commissioner, Marilyn Knipp aptly put it, “Love calls us vast distances”. Both from different countries, Canada brought Hedieh and Siniša together forming a beautiful romance that has been a pleasure to watch. Having only moved here myself in 2009 and finding the love of my life, I share a certain kinship with them. Although Siniša’s parents, due to forces beyond their control, were unable to travel to Vancouver for the wedding, it was of high priority that we were to create a high quality live feed for them. So as they sat at home in Croatia, they were able to enjoy front row seats for some of the most moving vows I have heard at a wedding ceremony. The video shows clips of family and friends greeting and congratulating his parents via Skype.

From the moment I met them, it was clear that Siniša and Hedieh showed each other affection many times during the course of a day. It’s always important to me to try and capture the magic between a couple on their wedding day, so I was always on the lookout for the gestures such as the little kisses and adoring looks that they gave each other throughout the day. I hope the video gives you some idea of the warmth and love between the two.