Eric & Amanda

It’s no secret that Hart House is one of my favourite wedding venues in town – great views, awesome marquee, fantastic food; perfect summertime venue. So when Jermaine from Diva Wedding Design contacted me about Eric and Amanda’s wedding, I jumped to it. It didn’t seem to matter where we pointed our cameras, with the Hart House backdrop and the beautiful Amanda in the foreground, it was easy to get great footage.

I later found out that Jermaine also made the cupcakes, which looked really good if I might add. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try one – I thought about it, but I figured someone might notice something amiss with the perfectly aligned rows.

For me, the highlight was the first dance to one of my favourite Adele songs. I could have made an entire highlight reel out of it, they really looked amazing up there. And of course it’s always fun to rock the Steadicam for something like that.