Hedieh & Siniša

As the charismatic wedding commissioner, Marilyn Knipp aptly put it, “Love calls us vast distances”. Both from different countries, Canada brought Hedieh and Siniša together forming a beautiful romance that has been a pleasure to watch. Having only moved here myself in 2009 and finding the love of my life, I share a certain kinship with them. Although Siniša’s parents, due to forces beyond their control, were unable to travel to Vancouver for the wedding, it was of high priority that we were to create a high quality live feed for them. So as they sat at home in Croatia, they were able to enjoy front row seats for some of the most moving vows I have heard at a wedding ceremony. The video shows clips of family and friends greeting and congratulating his parents via Skype.

From the moment I met them, it was clear that Siniša and Hedieh showed each other affection many times during the course of a day. It’s always important to me to try and capture the magic between a couple on their wedding day, so I was always on the lookout for the gestures such as the little kisses and adoring looks that they gave each other throughout the day. I hope the video gives you some idea of the warmth and love between the two.