Jasmine & Craig

I think people’s tastes vary hugely when it comes to videography.  As an art form I suppose that’s natural.  I wasn’t fully conscious of this fact when I started out in this business, and I certainly wasn’t aware of my own preferences and style of shooting and editing.  Over the years those preferences became clearer to me, and I also found that it took a certain type of couple for me to create what I consider to be the perfect video.  For me, it’s not about the venue, or the dress, or the decorations.  What makes a video magical for me is the interaction between the couple, and the ability for me to tell the story of their love.

When a couple contacts me after seeing our work, I know that they are looking for our certain style of videography, but when meeting a couple through a referral, I don’t know until we meet whether we will hit it off or not.  I met Jasmine and Craig through Alice from Events to the Nines wedding planning.  Alice is fantastic to work with – she’s hard working, genuine, friendly, and extremely organized.  But I didn’t know a thing about Jasmine and Craig, until we met.  I knew almost right away that I wanted to shoot this wedding, and my instincts were right.  This wedding had it all – comedy, romance, Gangnam Style, cute kids, and most of all it had a beautiful story just begging to be told.  From the interviews, to dancing, to speeches, everyone involved with their wedding just expressed themselves with such care and candor.

Jasmine and Craig exuded joy and happiness the entire day, and it was an absolute pleasure to create this video.