Naz & Alex

Naz and Alex are one of the warmest couples I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Needless to say creating their wedding video has been a delight, and the shots we took down on the beach at Brock House are some of my favourite of the year.

It was my second of three Persian weddings that we shot in 2012.  Maybe it’s the fact that we share many cultural links, but I always enjoy them immensely.  From the beauty and tradition of the wedding ceremony, to the lively party atmosphere as soon as the Persian music begins.  The speeches lasted a total of maybe 2 minutes, but I truly felt the power of words when Alex’s dad spoke from the heart of his son and his new daughter in law.  It was lovely to see French-Canadian and Persian cultures combine to create a wonderful party.

I wish you guys every happiness and really hope we get to visit you in Montreal