Peter & Leora

There’s no denying that filming a wedding is hectic, and on the big day it’s difficult as a videographer to take it all in.  After capturing a beautiful moment on camera, shooters are onto the next shot almost immediately and rarely get to review any of the footage on the day.  It isn’t until I sit down to start editing and I work through the many hours of footage that I start to discover the little things that make a couple unique.  Peter and Leora’s wedding was full of touching moments, small things like the way they looked at each other, and the way Leora rubbed Peter’s thumb as they held hands.

Shooting weddings in and around Vancouver, naturally I come across many Cantonese and Mandarin speaking people.  It’s a blessing that I work with and am married to Chinese people who can translate for me.  Without that, I would be lost in the editing room.  On the big day, when I asked Peter’s mom to say a few words to the camera, the magic was once again missed, this time due to a language barrier, but her voice and her eyes spoke volumes.  So much so that although many viewers will not understand Cantonese, the emotion and love she has for her son and daughter-in-law is palpable.