Todd & Christa

In 2009 I had the pleasure of filming Todd’s brother’s wedding, and when the family contacted me about Todd and Christa’s big day, I was just thrilled. Having already met a lot of the family and friends, I knew this wedding was going to be a blast, but when I found out about the Halloween theme I couldn’t wait.

From the cake, to the decorations, the candy loot bags, and the painted fingernails, I thought Christa did an amazing job bringing the theme to life. They are such a fun couple, and throughout the day you really got a sense of how much fun they have together, all the time. My initial idea was to have Halloween themed music for this highlight reel, but as I edited I felt so much tenderness and love, not only between Todd and Christa, but amongst the whole family. After much searching, I found this song really suited the mood and the couple. Congratulations Todd and Christa, and thank you so much for having us at your wedding